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WestStar Attends Aircraft Interiors Expo

WestStar Precision is participating in this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg Germany on April 5–7, 2016. The show brings together companies to focus on the latest innovations inside the cabins of passenger aircraft.

WestStar has been a strategic part supplier of aircraft interiors for nearly 20 years. The company manufactures both both high-strength structural components as well as highly cosmetic items. The company’s produced everything from spreaders and legs—the support structures for passenger seating—to meal and cocktail tables, video bezels, and seat control bezels.

WestStar has manufactured items for business and first class seating used by most international carriers across the globe.

To help drive innovation to this sector WestStar will share with customers several new improvements to our capability during the Hamburg show.


WestStar’s expertise in nesting components closely in a stock plate reduces material and machining costs below what was ever possible in the past.

Automatized Lights Out Machining

This ability allows WestStar to run product with no setup, producing your product around the clock, while the plant operates unmanned. This process reduces lead time, cost, and improves product quality.

3D Printing

Carbon 3D printing of plastic components at speeds 25-100 faster than any other 3D printer in the world, The new CLIP printing process can achieve mechanical properties near that of molded parts, without the cost and delay of molds or tooling.

Solar Power

WestStar’s solar-powered Apex, North Carolina facility helps you extend your supply chain into an environmentally responsible supplier that your customers will appreciate.

Come visit us in Hamburg at North Carolina Booth 1C59—see you there!