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President Obama Visits WestStar Precision

President Obama Visits WestStar Precision

When President Obama traveled to North Carolina he stopped by WestStar Precision to see, firsthand, the sort of businesses that will drive our economy. Along with the North Carolina governor, President Obama took a thorough tour of WestStar’s state of the art design and manufacturing plant.

The president’s stop was en route to speaking at North Carolina State University to support the American Jobs Act. Here’s what President Obama had to say about WestStar in his remarks:

. . . what they [WestStar] do is what a lot of companies here in the Research Triangle do so well: They hire smart people; they give them the best technology; they create something of lasting value. And that’s how this country built a strong and growing economy and a strong, expanding middle class. That’s our history. And that’s what we’ve got to get back to.