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Fabrication & Assembly

Fabrication & Assembly Capabilities

Rivets, sealant, nut plates and spherical bearings all play a key role in building aircrafts. WestStar has mastered these components, as well as the process to meet the demanding requirements of the largest OEM aircraft manufacturers in the world.


    1. Skilled personnel who understand the OEM process requirements
    2. Purchase and inventory control so that only OEM-approved suppliers are sourced
    3. World-class equipment means our employees can get the job done quickly and efficiently

At WestStar, we have a quick turn capability to manufacture, form, treat and assemble a wide variety of brackets used for the aerospace, medical, biotech, and other industries. As OEM metal fabricators, we can waterjet the blanks, form the parts, and assemble threaded inserts or other hardware in a matter of days. If you need quick turn brackets, Weststar can get you what you need!

Fabrication & Assembly Materials

Weststar Precision is equipped to provide fabricated parts in a variety of different materials. Our equipment is best suited for smaller brackers up to 5-10 inch width and length, commonly manufactured in the following materials:

    • Aluminum (2024, 3003)
    • Stainless Steel
    • Steel Alloys 

Industries Served

WestStar has the capability to fabricate and assemble a wide variety of components used in the aerospace, medical, and alternative energy industries. With our custom metal fabrication services, our company can produce fabricated products specific for your unique industrial application.