Contract Machining Company

From design development to full production, WestStar creates built-to-order parts to your specifications and industry standards. Through top-of-the-line precision cnc machining and other capabilities, we support both low and high-volume production. Delivering the final product per spec and on schedule. The following is a partial list of what WestStar is capable of handling as a contract machining company. Get a quote on your next project.

lights out machining

Precision Machining

We offer vertical, horizontal, lathe, Swiss lathe, single pallet, dual pallet, 3-4 and 4.5 axis, manual or automated “lights out” precision machining that delivers value to your project. Water jet, electrochemical burr free cutoff and sheet metal forming for small to large parts.

WestStar analyzes customer product specifications and gets first article samples approved quickly. Our solutions combine cutting-edge technology with world-class production processes to get the customer the product they need, to the required specifications, at the time they need it–outperforming the competition every time. Through “lights out” machining, using automated, highly precise tools featuring onboard laser-probing capability for reduced variation and accuracy, production is not limited to regular business hours, greatly improving delivery time.

omax 80x jet machining center

Waterjet Machining

Deploying our first waterjet in the United States in 1996 and the first in Latin America in 2000, WestStar was a pioneer in this field.

WestStar utilizes waterjet-machining technology to cut through material ranging from .002 inches to 4 inches thick, from foam rubber to tool steel, glass, titanium, aluminum and more. We use the technology to cut raw material quickly and precisely, resulting in lower material cost per part and shorter machining cycle times. If you can draw it, we can accurately cut it within .005 inches. Our lead-time is days, not weeks.

Rapid Prototype Development

WestStar develops a real, working prototype from a sample, sketch, drawing, or CAD file. The end result is delivered in days or weeks, not months. This expedient process of moving from concept to working sample supports the customer’s design team in gaining insight and important market information to improve the overall design. We successfully complete the process through proactive design interaction, innovative technology and focused feedback. These key elements result in a high success rate upon entering the production phase, saving both time and money.

Once we have the customer’s parts list, drawing, solid model or idea we will deliver the price and lead-time to make one or 100,000. Our quick-turn quote puts the customer in the driver’s seat, allowing them to select the best price and delivery option.

Burr-Free Cutoff

Many aerospace and medical biotech items cannot have burrs on their tubing, and our electrochemical burr-free grinding cutoff equipment is the best on the market.


Fabrication & Assembly

Rivets, sealant, nut plates and spherical bearings all play a key role in building aircrafts. WestStar has mastered these components, as well as the process to meet the demanding requirements of the largest OEM aircraft manufacturers in the world.                     


  1. Skilled personnel who understand the OEM process requirements
  2. Purchase and inventory control so that only OEM-approved suppliers are sourced
  3. World-class equipment means our employees can get the job done quickly and efficiently