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Aircraft Cabin Machined Parts

Our industry has high standards, and WestStar will get your project done right and on budget. Our knowledgeable team is here to help—from start to finish. Whether your interior aircraft machining project requires support structures like frames, legs, and spreaders, or detailed cosmetic touches on tables (and more), our industry experience allows us to react fast and meet strict requirements.

Give our aircraft cabin machined parts a try! Call (919) 557-2820 to start the conversation about our cnc machined aircraft parts, or get a quote.

bracket for aircraft seating

Machined aluminum spreader used in aircraft seating

We provide precision machining for most types of metals and plastics.

video frame for aircraft seating

First-class video bezel

From design development to full production, we create built-to-order parts to your specifications and industry standards, including highly cosmetic surfaces.

machined aircraft food tray sample

Fine fit and finish aircraft food tray

We manage your demand streams using a real time inventory response system, delivering your required items on time, every time.