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CNC Machining Company

Our Story

As a former division president for a Fortune 500 company, I was always concerned about how long it took to develop and launch new products. I knew there had to be a faster, more efficient way to bring new items to market, so I created WestStar, a cnc machining company, to do just that!

By selecting great staff and giving them the best software and equipment in the world, we have built a reputation as a dependable supplier and cnc machine shop. We take great pride in helping others succeed with their programs. When it was important to our customers to have a global footprint, we opened a second precision machining facility in Costa Rica. Later, as we reviewed our strategy, we moved to consolidate both plants into a new, expanded, facility in Apex, North Carolina. Here we invested in automation to keep our global edge. With one new, larger plant, we can serve customers with a streamlined process that keeps efficiency high and removes wasteful activities.

As our customers’ program needs grow, we grow with them—adding personnel and equipment to meet their ever-increasing demand. While our capacity can serve most industries, we’ve focused on aerospace, medical and alternative energy. Honing our skills, expanding our knowledge and constantly looking for ways to help our customers succeed.

We’ve had tremendous success helping our customers meet their deadlines and achieve their goals. I’m sure we could help you with your next project or product.




Located near the Research Triangle Park, WestStar offers a great location supported by world-leading universities and centers of manufacturing excellence. North Carolina is located in the southeastern part of the USA and is considered a growing sector for aerospace, biotech/ medical devices and alternative energy.

Our location is one of the best places in America to support our global customers.

WestStar Facility, Interior WestStar Facility, Exterior

Primary Industries

WestStar has made our mark focusing on three primary industries: aerospace, medical and alternative energy. Working within these fields has allowed us to constantly refine our process and improve our manufacturing tolerances.


WestStar’s depth of experience in production for aerospace has honed our capacity to produce interior and structural aerospace components.

Aircraft interiors demand the tight tolerance production and high-profile cosmetic finishes we provide. This skill set and knowledge base allows us to support most component and assembly needs for passenger seating.

In aircraft structures, WestStar supports components that meet the rigorous demands of aircraft producers. Complete integration of an approved supply chain for materials and processes—from CAD model through FAI and ongoing shipset production.


Manufacturers count on our capabilities to transform their ideas into real products. With the rapidly expanding needs of an evolving medical/surgical and biotech field, our proven methods surpass expectations with the timely delivery of high-quality products.

Alternative Energies

We offer solutions that meet customers’ alternative energy business needs and help create a product that outperforms the competition each and every time.

At WestStar, we know moving new products from conception to production in a timely and efficient manner is a key factor in a company’s ability to grow its business and achieve financial success in a highly competitive market.

Why WestStar?

WestStar provides precision machining for most types of metals and plastics. If the customer needs production tooling, components, or a precision device, WestStar takes the concept from the drawing board and creates a final product fast—saving money, energy, and time.

Our Process

We have developed state-of-the-art methods to deliver value to your team, resulting in a manufacturing process that is:

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At WestStar, we have significantly reduced waste to improve overall efficiency and streamline our globally competitive process. This involves highly automated “lights out” machining, dedicated fixtures to minimize set-up time, 5S compliance company-wide, Poka Yoke mistake proofing and detailed process control.

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Waste comes in many forms, including energy. Using the latest in solar technology, we have drastically reduced our annual energy requirements, which allows us to deliver more cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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On Time

At WestStar, we strive to go beyond just making what the customer orders. We know supply chains and purchase-planning software can be demanding and cumbersome. That is why we have taken steps to dispense with weekly and monthly purchase orders. Our customers place one purchase order per year. We download their inventory each day and use that information to drive our scheduling and production, eliminating the need for customer involvement.

Our state-of-the-art inventory management and same-day response system has resulted in effective solutions for our customers. We have gone from customer chaos to 100 percent on-time delivery, with no stock out and no excess inventory. We know the customer’s job is not just buying parts, but also managing results.