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WestStar Precision is a global manufacturer of specialized machined and fabricated components.


WestStar’s depth of experience in production for aerospace has honed our capacity to produce interior and structural aerospace components. Tight tolerances and cosmetic finishes that pass through an approved material and process supply chain.

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The medical and surgical fields are expanding rapidly. New procedures and tests require new devices. Manufacturers count on WestStar to transform ideas into products.

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Alternative Energies

Moving from conception to production rapidly is a requirement to stay ahead in the fast moving world of alternative energy. WestStar is uniquely suited to make that happen and deliver products that outperform the competition.

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World Class Service

WestStar efficiently and effectively can move customer products from design to testing to production with rapid prototype development utilizing cutting edge CAD-CAM software and state of the art additive manufacturing. Once we receive the product requirements, our precision automated manufacturing equipment produces every item exactly to specifications.

3D Printed BB in BlueMaking a product that satisfies the customer’s needs is just one obligation of a world-class supplier. WestStar delivers next-level service through our management of customer demand and inventory. This reduces the customer’s administrative workload, including the placement of purchase orders, scheduling and shortage requirements.

As a precision metal fabricator and production machined parts company, WestStar manages its customers’ demand streams using a real-time inventory response system, which allows us to view customer inventory levels as they fluctuate and respond accordingly, delivering the required items on time, every time.

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Why WestStar?

As a global machined components manufacturer, we help some of the largest and most demanding OEM customers in the world launch their most important projects on time and on budget.

WestStar Precision machines and fabricates with most types of metals and plastics. From production tooling to components to precision devices, WestStar works from the drawing board and creates a final product—fast. We developed state-of-the-art methods resulting in a manufacturing process that is: lean, green and delivers on time.

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Quality Control

iso9001 and as9100 certification

The biotech, alternative energies, and aerospace industries have high standards when it comes to manufacturing parts, and here at WestStar we prioritize exceeding the quality control requirements for the industries that we serve. Our company is ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 certified to ensure to our customers that we provide high quality machined parts for their specific industry needs.

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A Great Finish Begins With a Well Thought Out Start

At Weststar, we understand that customers buying highly cosmetic parts don’t appreciate, nor want free scratches, dents, and dings on their parts. That’s why we think more about the start and each step of the process to be sure the finish is, well, perfect.